We passionately believe business should be a force for good.
In order to inspire bright futures for our little ladies, we need to help make that future happen.

“Be a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

This glorious little quote says it all: As a business we want to have a positive impact on the world around us in everything we do: on the people we work with; on the customers we serve; on the children we design for; on the planet we live in. This is how we do business.
For every Smock sale we want to create a positive impact for people and planet. A tangible, positive action that helps make the world a better place. For every sale, we will spread a rainbow in someone’s cloud. So every purchase, every drop of growth for our business, builds a brighter future for us all.

Buy One, Give One

We passionately believe in giving customers the opportunity to make a difference and help build a better world together.

That's why every time you buy an item from Smock, we give an item to a child in need. We call this exchange The Smock Swap: when you buy, we give.

Critical to making The Smock Swap a success is hand picking small, well run charities helping children here at home as well as the countries where we make our clothes. We pick charities where we can make an immediate and tangible difference i.e where the donations go directly to the kids who need them, and not through a bureaucratic maze. 


Zero Waste

We make clothes to last generations. All of our clothing is designed to last a lifetime and beyond. There is nothing Smock likes better than a gorgeous dress handed down from mother to daughter! We work hard to minimise waste at all stages of the supply chain. By reducing the gap between demand and supply, producing in limited quantities and shorter timeframes and designing for all-season use, we contribute to a less wasteful world and hopefully a brighter future for all.

Buy One, Plant One

As a small business we believe it's essential for business to work towards a positive impact for the planet, as well as people.

With our partner Ecologi we now plant a tree for every item sold and offset our businesses carbon footprint through carbon reducing projects. You buy and we give to the planet. Right now we are thrilled to be planting trees in Madagascar, where our smocks are made. 


Fair Trade

How we work with other people is just as important as how we look after our customers. “Fair trade” may be the official term, but “Friends and Family” is closer to what we aim for. We only work with businesses which offer fair wages and working conditions. That's a given. Beyond that, we choose partners who share our values and with whom we can build a lasting relationship.We build these relationships as we would friendships: everyone is an equal, everyone has a valuable and equal contribution, we say good morning, we mind our Ps & Qs, we are sympathetic to illness and difficulty, we laugh, we joke, we remember birthdays and generally try to be positive and reasonable human being at all times.


Girls Self Esteem

Positive impact on girls self esteem. Be a rainbow to girls in trouble / supporting vulnerable girls.
Girls out loud volunteering or similar


Women Workers

Positive impact on women - Be a rainbow to
women in developing countries.
Supporting women’s financial independence in emerging markets. India factory. Womenwear donations?