We design each Smock creation in London.  After immersing ourselves in a kaleidoscope of neon stitches, rainbow threads, finest fabrics and a confetti of candy colour pantones, it's time to meet our wonderful makers.

We make our clothes with small family run partners in Madagascar and Vietnam; each hand picked for their expertise in their craft. We want to keep craft and heritage alive by handcrafting each piece with care. The magic happens as we work side by side with our friends Hanh, Nirinha and Molly to bring the Smock designs to life.

Small family businesses are critical to our quality and transparency. We choose partners who share our values and with whom we can build a lasting relationship. We passionately believe in supporting and promoting these incredible craftspeople and look forward to introducing you to this fabulous cast of characters on our journey together.

our ethics

1. We aspire to be a brand of the 21st Century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From us to you directly. 

2. We believe the joy of a business should be as much in its impact as in its sales. We strive to create a positive impact for people and planet for every Smock sale. 

3. We work to ensure that every person who touches our clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions. 

4. We treat everyone in our ecosystem as an human first and foremost: respecting expertise, attending needs as far as possible, remembering Ps&Qs, putting Birthdays before Business, interacting positively and personally, avoiding tech-speak, corporate lingo and business bossiness. 

5. We believe in ageing gracefully: In making clothing designed to last generations we can contribute to a less wasteful world and help your little ones feel fabulous in the process.

6. By looking for fair trade standards, we contribute to sustainable productive, life-giving businesses that empower. Supporting Smock will give you peace-of-mind about what your little one is wearing and where it came from - plus she will look and feel fabulous. 

7. By reducing the gap between demand and supply, producing in limited quantities and shorter timeframes and designing for all-season use, we contribute to a less wasteful world and hopefully a brighter future for all. 

8. We are fundamentally committed to helping the next generation, not simply selling to it. Wherever possible we look to support the needs of the next generation in the operation of our business.