All our styles are limited editions: one of a kind combinations of smocking design, thread colour and hand-picked deadstock fabrics. We scour and search by hand to find unique end of roll fabrics that can’t be copied and would otherwise go to waste. The number we make depends on the amount of fabric we find, but once its gone, its gone. Each edition marries an age-old treasure trove of decorative stitches with a rainbow of threads to create a unique expression of smocking artistry. Every smock is different and is custom designed in London before being hand stitched by artisans in small batches.

built by and made for female firecrackers

We reinvent smocking to be as bold and brilliant as Women and Girls today. Forget smocking’s passé princess image, our styles are named after awe- inspiring women from history to inspire limitless possibilities in those who wear them. With collections for Girls and Women as well as matching Mummy and Me pieces, we are a proudly feminist brand bringing upbeat, beautifully-made hand-smocked pieces to the next generation of female firecrackers.

heirlooms in the making

All our pieces are made from highest quality fabrics and threads from industry-leading French maker DMC. Designed to last a lifetime and beyond, collections are made slowly and conceived to be passed down generations.

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