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We are the artisan fashion brand on a mission to modernise the beautiful art of smocking for the 21st century girl. With our joyful rainbow palette, feminist spirit and ethical approach to craftsmanship, we breathe new life into this ancient, hand-stitched craft. 

As our name suggests, smocking craftsmanship sits at our heart. Every Smock London piece is individually hand-sewn by artisans. Hand-smocking is a skill which takes time, each dress takes up to three days to complete and mastering the craft takes years of practice. Collections are produced slowly, using the highest quality threads and fabrics, in small limited editions and conceived to be passed down generations. The result is unique, heirloom quality pieces that are better for the artisans and for the planet. 

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we've written a book!!!!

Our Book: Rocking Smocking

Our Book: Rocking Smocking


Our book, Rocking Smocking is an inspirational guide to hand smocking written by us! Two years ago a publisher approached us and asked us if we would write a modern guide to Smocking, one full of the joyful colour, stand out stitching and pleated perfection we are so passionate about. You bet, we said! And so began a two year labour or love born from a desire to share the exquisite potential we see in this wonderful craft every day. 

We could not be more thrilled to share the result with you - pages packed with zingy colour and stunning works of hand smocked art. A huge thanks to the amazing team who have made this dream a reality, to our supporters who have cheered us along the way and of course to each and every one of you without whom none of this would be possible

We hope you enjoy the book and you will find inspiration in the world of hand smocking ❤️

Rocking Smocking is a contemporary guide to using joyful colour and bold graphic pattern to create smocking that adds a beautiful decorative touch to handmade garments.

This image-led, modern guide is suited to both smocking learners and experts as well as lovers of colours and patterns. Offering both instruction and inspiration this fashion-forward guide walks you through the basics of English smocking and offers a kaleidoscope of ideas for how to bring these hand stitches to life by combining thread colours, stitch motifs, and dramatic smocking placement to fabulous effect.

It starts by setting out the basics of smocking―what you will need, how to choose and prepare fabric, and basic stitches. The second section lays out different strategies for choosing thread colours, while the third section goes through the design process: using 10 smocking panels to replicate at home, it shows readers how to rock their smocks by blending fabrics, smocking patterns, and colours to sensational graphic effect. The final section looks at how and where to place smocked panels on your garments, adding volume to dramatic effect with 6 smaller on-trend fashion projects.

Equally appealing on the coffee table or in the studio, Rocking Smocking is a visually beautiful guide celebrating modern applications of this ancient craft.

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