A Very Special Visit To Meet Our Charity Partner, The Blue Dragon Children's Charity in Vietnam ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

On 6th March 2023 we were thrilled to visit the amazing Blue Dragon children's charity in Hanoi, the charity we support through our buy one give one program. We were able to see first hand how our donations are helping vulnerable children in Vietnam and see the incredible centre that has been set up by Michael Brosowski to provide a safe and welcoming home for these children. We were blown away by the amazing welcome we received and the happy, smiling children despite the terrible adversity they face.

Blue Dragon Charity Visit

Many of our Smocks are made in Vietnam and we are passionate about helping disadvantaged local children in this incredible country, creating long term change for a better future. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation is a grassroots charity serving children in crisis throughout Vietnam. Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities and children who have been trafficked. 

Blue Dragon Visit

Blue Dragon have been receiving an increasing number of calls for help from street children and victims of human trafficking, and our donations help to provide support for these children with the care they need to stay safe and thrive. One of these children is Nga. She is 10 years old but she can't read or write. Her father shines shoes on the streets, saving every penny he earns but it's only enough to buy them food. Despite his hard work, he was never able to afford to send Nga to school. This year, with the support of Blue Dragon, Nga has finally started school and she has learned to read her favorite storybook herself. With support Nga and children like her have a passport for a better future. Thank you as always for your amazing purchases which allow us to support incredible children like Nga ❤️ 


Nga and her father