Celebrating International Women's Day with the Women who make the magic at Smock! ❤️

We celebrated International Women’s Day with the women who make the magic at Smock: our incredible gang of Smocking Sisters. Today was a very special day for us - a whole day spent with the incredible team of women who hand smock all of our pieces. ❤️

Early this morning we headed out to the small town in Vietnam where this group of wonderful women live, they welcomed us into their homes, with families and pets running around and we gathered together over tropical fruits and Oreo biscuits to pour over their exquisite works of art. What is amazing about these women is the bond they share; brought together by a wonderful group leader who has been smocking for 35 years, they take care of each other, distributing the different stitches and panels according to skill set, tidying up and looking out for each other, sharing childcare, stitches and even scooters along the way. 

It was an utter privilege to celebrate this bond at a local restaurant over lunch (yes, we did try crispy Frog’s legs) and capture a glimpse of their amazing stories, as well as their art. We can’t wait to share more.

Happy International Women’s Day from our leading ladies to yours xxx


Lunch Together


Hand Smocking


Going Out For Lunch


Hand Smocking


Hand Smocking