At Smock we want to bring brightness to our business as well as our clothing. We passionately believe in giving customers the opportunity to make a difference and help build a better world together. 

That's why Smock is built on a Positive Exchange: every time you buy an item from Smock, we give an item to a child in need in the countries where we make our clothing. We call this exchange The Smock Swap: when you buy, we give. 

Critical to making The Smock Swap a success is hand picking small, well run charities helping children in India, Madagascar and China. We pick charities where we can make an immediate and tangible difference i.e where the clothing donations go directly to the backs of kids who need them, and not through a bureaucratic maze. 

In 2020 we can’t wait to visit the first of our “Smock Flock” – the family of charities we are working with – to meet the children and see all your donations in action.

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