We are a business founded on a precious community of artisan workers in Vietnam and Madagascar: championing them, nurturing and celebrating their craft and empowering their communities is fundamental to our collective future.

1. Empower artisan communities

Every order supports our makers through a donation to girls and women in need in their community. Right now, for every order we make a donation to Blue Dragon, a Children’s Charity which helps educate, support, rescue and rehabilitate vulnerable girls in the cities where our artisans live in Vietnam. Click here to read more about this incredible charity.

2. Champion the artisans

We make an annual trip to personally visit our wonderful artisans Please see Meet The Artisans to get to know the team.

3. Nurture and celebrate the craft

We are on a mission to revive the art of smocking for future generations. We are publishing a new up to date book on the craft of Smocking to engage younger generations and wider audiences; we are expanding smocking into new categories such as womenswear and homeware as part of our goal to revive global interest and demand in the craft.

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