Women's Wednesday

What better way to inspire possibilities in our little ladies than by telling the awe-inspiring stories of brilliant women in history? During the National Lockdown in Spring 2020 that’s exactly what we did, every Wednesday.

Christened “Women’s Wednesday”, each week we posted the story of one of our fabulous females on stories and ended with lots of fun craft activities for little ones based on the character.  It was history + Crafting + Mr Maker all rolled into one! Under the banner of “Keep Calm and Craft On” - it was our way of offering fun, inspiring activities to keep the kids busy while we were all at home and hopefully offering Mamas everywhere a moment of respite too.

You can find all these stories in our highlights under the “Women’s Wednesday” pin on instagram - and on our website in the Girl Gang activity pack downloads. Perfect weekend activities for your little ladies which will also open her eyes to all the wonderful possibilities out there for her too!