We are Buying Pizzas for Ukranian Refugees

When we began Smock we wanted The Smock Swap to be at the heart of our business. The pledge to give to a child in need for every order allows us to support children on an on-going basis where needed and in proportion to the growth of our business. The bigger we grow, the more we can help. This commitment is more important than ever at this moment with so much suffering in the world. For every order in April we have donated a meal to a Ukrainian child in need. 

We are proud to support the amazing Siobhans Trust who are feeding refugees on the Ukrainian border. Our donation has helped to pay for ingredients and supplies to stock their pizza oven and soup kitchen. It has also helped to pay for snacks, hygiene products, animal food and other essentials for refugees crossing the border.

Thank you as always for your wonderful support and purchases which allow us to support this essential cause ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜