Back to School in Oh-So-Studious Squares and Stripes Smock Style!

Back to school: a time to smarten ones act, refresh the wardrobe and set out with the best of intentions! Here at Smock that could only mean one thing: a glorious selection of smart and straight Ginghams and Stripes to ring in the new academic year in style. There is something about the straight lines and graphic patterning of gingham and stripes that sits in gorgeous contrast with the rich texture and soft folds of fabric created by the smocking pleats. The new capsule collection includes three new gingham dresses, a sumptuous navy Katherine Johnson Dress with Hedgerow Sling Smocking, new Women’s styles and two new winter dress styles, our Hanna Szenez Dress and our Dian Fossey Dress - offering  lessons and inspiration from Women facing Nazi resistance and Mountain Gorillas to invigorate their spirits as well as their style.