Go Fish Sample Sales

Shopping should most definitely be fun. But sometimes shopping online becomes a little left brained - comparing bullet points and price posts, reading through returns policies, zooming in on photos.  We wanted to inject some fun into it all by kicking off our “Go Fish Sample Sales”.🎣 

Here’s how they work: Three or four times a year we have a sample sale which works like a game of Go Fish! We set a date and time, we all gather around (well, virtually) then we release a bunch of samples on stories by posting an image of the sample with the style name, size available and price including UK postage. The sample goes to the first person to message us. The fastest fingers win!

All our samples have slight design differences from the final product. They are otherwise perfect garments with no damage or faults, unless specifically stated.

Its a mini tornado over in just 15 minutes! You guys always bowl us over with your speedy fingers! And we do our best to keep up with you all!

We always message you to confirm you have secured the item and then send an invoice, payable before we dispatch. And best of all, like all Smock purchases, even when you buy a sample item, we match that by giving an item to a child in need.

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