Our smocks are for pirates, punks, scientists, daredevils, dreamers, craft queens and the rest. For every kind of girl to shine in every kind of way.

We can’t think of a better time to shine! Today the future is female and we fully intend to hop on our unicorns and make the most of it! We want little ladies to feel the world today is their oyster, there for the taking and making of it.

We started Smock to create gorgeous clothes for these feminine free spirits. Their effervescence shines through in every detail: neon pops, rocking smocking that jumps off the dress and lots of Liberty detailing. We use this blitz of vibrant colour and fresh fabrics to bring time-old crafts bang up to date.

The good vibes don’t end there. To help this bright future our business is built on a positive exchange: every time you buy an item from Smock, we give an item to a child in need. We call it the Smock Swap.

Smock: bright clothes for a bright future.

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